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We work while you sleep


Blue Eyed Communications is an Australian registered business, however Tessa is currently based in Houston, Texas. If you operate out of Australia this means  that due to the time zone difference your office could work 24 hours a day - Tessa can work while you sleep and, depending on the scope of work, turn material around for you overnight. 


In particular, this may be beneficial if you have urgent material that requires our services. Once the project scope has been agreed upon, simply send it to us at the end of your working day and we will endeavour to have it back in your inbox when you get to work the next morning – subject, of course, to document length.


When working with Tessa the majority of liaison will generally be conducted via email, phone and video conference.

Our approach


At Blue Eyed Communications we don’t pretend to be subject matter experts – you are the expert and we believe that you  know what you’re talking about.


What we do understand is that sometimes when subject matter experts are writing or proofreading their own material they become so close to the content that it can be difficult for them to distance themselves from their work, pick up spelling errors and identify the clarity of their key messages.


This is where our proofessional proofreading services come in handy. We will work closely with you to help ensure your written material is clear, concise and error free.

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