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What we do


Whether you are developing a program guide, board report, brochure, newsletter, advertisement or any other form of written material, Blue Eyed Communications can provide the following specialist services:

  • proofreading

  • copywriting

  • editing.


We have experience complying with in-house style guidelines and always write in accordance with the Australian Government style guidelines and Macquarie or Oxford dictionaries, depending on your preference.


Our prices are competitive and vary depending on the nature of your requirements. Our pricing structure can either be a fixed-price based on the size of your project and your expected turn around time or an hourly rate. There may be an additional charge applied if your work is urgent and has a short turn around time (24 or 48 hours).


We always suggest working with you on a sample selection or having an in-depth conversation about your requirements before we agree on a price. This helps to ensure that we are both on the same page and understand the services that are required.


To discuss your requirements and obtain a quote please email

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